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About Pétanque

French in origin, Pétanque (also known as Boules) is now played right across the world and is one of the most inclusive sporting activities available. Played with hand-sized hollow metal boules on various types of dirt or gravel surfaces (terrains) the object of the sport is to get as many of your teams boules closer to a small wooden ball (jack) than the boules of your opponents during each end. Any boule of one team that are nearer to the jack than any boule of the opponent's counts for one point each. The winning team in a game is usually the first to reach 13 points. Classically the sport is a team game of Triples (3 players with 2 boules each) or Doubles (2 players with 3 boules each) though pétanque can also be played as Singles (1 player with 3 boules).

The English Pétanque Association is the National Governing Body for the sport of pétanque in England.

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